Bryn Mawr property

Commercial Project in Bryn Mawr, PA. Developer was looking to take down a portion of an existing property and repurpose it for a prospective tenant. The rendering was commissioned to show the tenant what the new building would look like. The developer gave me a reference image to work from and this rendering was created for him.

Basement Bar

Bar for new home, designed by Ambiance Design. Homeowner was looking for a Portuguese style in the design. This was largely brought about through the use of a large mural graphic on the wall, as well as the tile-work on the column. The stools were existing. The floor is polished concrete with a rough texture for a more rustic look.

Farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen renovation designed by Tracey Parks of Nostos Interiors. GeorgeRenders measured the space and created a floorplan for Tracey to work from. With this layout plus the finishes, furnishings, and cabinet choices provided, the renderings were created.

Hoboken Condo

Rendering of Hoboken Condo. Interior Design by Yelena Gerts, House of Style & Design.

Family Room and Playroom

I was contacted by the clients builder to help her with the renovation of these rooms. She had compiled some photos to give us an idea of what she was trying to achieve. After meeting with her and taking measurements of the rooms, we started the process of bringing her vision to life.

Main Line Home

3D Renderings of PA mainline home currently under construction. Designed by Architect Fred Bissenger. Homeowners provided pictures of the stone they liked along with some different door styles. That along with the architects blueprints were used to create this rendering of their beautiful home.

Family Room

Rendering of a family room designed by meadowbank designs. Their client was particularly concerned with how the wallpaper would go with the rest of the furnishings. Two different carpets were also considered.

Broadway Penthouse

This luxurious Broadway penthouse, shown here with night and day lighting, was created in 3D using photos as references.

Condo renovation

This detailed rendering for Accents by Design envisioned a large renovation project for the common areas of a condominium building.


University Mall

Interior Renderings of mall interior showing changes proposed for George Mason University.
Interior Design by Jhubans Designs LLC.

HMS Host

Interior Renderings of a showroom for food-service company HMS Host. Client wanted to create an environment with an airport feel to showcase its products.


This rendering of a Marriott hotel patio, using a photo as background, allowed the client to visualize the atmosphere a custom trellis and fire pit would create for guests.

New Horizons Learning Centers

These 3D renderings were provided to the New Horizons Learning Centers company, for their new facility. The facility is still under construction. By utilizing renderings, instead of waiting to be able to take photographs, the company was able to have Pinnacle Performance Partners create a website for the facility, and start advertising their Hi-Tech Event Spaces. See more at

Northrop Grumman

This high-tech hallway at Northrop Grumman’s Baltimore facility showcases the company’s history and products.

Middlesex Hospital

This trade-show booth rendering for Middlesex Hospital uses realistic lighting to show off the client’s Nursing Excellence awards.

Department of Veterans Affairs

This simple rendering, using a photo as background, helped a VA hospital envision what its new sign would look like at the facility’s entrance.